Admission Requirement

The Program we offer is open to all children ages 2 weeks through 6 years old. The Program accepts children attending full-time and part-time. We also offer latchkey services during the school year and a summer program for ages 6-12.


Provider's Fee Schedule

Provider's fee schedule is as follows:

$125 for Children 2 1/2 - 6 yrs old.

$135 for Children 2 weeks - 2 years old.

Child care fees listed above include daily meals and snacks. No adjustments will be made where Parent elects to provide the child's food from home.


Registration Fee

Upon enrollment, the parent is required to submit a nonrefundable enrollment fee of $50.00 The enrollment fee is used to offset the administrative expenses incurred in processing enrollment applications. This registration fee may not be used to offset child care fees.

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